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Still i don't have any order

I am new on fiverr plz check my gig or profile what should i change my profile or gig plz tell me in detail i shall be very thankfull if u guide me


There is no problem in your gigs they are perfect, its take time to have first order
you will have your soon:)
Send buyer request I got all my 3 orders from buyer request.


i will send 10 buyer request regularly but no response

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Send regularly you will have I have send 230 buyer request and have 3 orders from it and 2 orders are in process.


Keep looking, Keep working, Don’t lose hope.
Patience is the key to success and you will get succeed
Peace :raised_hands:


my buyer request near to be 170 those i had send it

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@najaf_ali @zaiba202 Please… it is not about how “regularly” you send offers for buyer requests… It is about the quality of each of the buyer request offer you send.

Sending even 10 very well crafted buyer request offers could net you more orders than “regularly” sending 1000s of bad quality buyer requests.

If you do a simple search on the forum about how to write buyer request offers, you will get a wealth of information.

Wishing you the best!


i think , problem is have same gig in fiverr marketplace … more buyers like to buy high rating sellers in fiverr … that is make problem for you without orders :point_left: keep in mind , try to study internet and finding new things about logo and market in fiverr. do not use same same gigs :frowning:

glad @madurahd

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send custom orders to request buyers and type addion services free with your services to them :slight_smile:


thanks for the guiding

ok fine bro i will do it

thanks for encourge me

Keep patient. You will get orders.


See in very market place there is a competition all you can do try to compete them do something special and unique that attract more buyer with the buyer request never lose hope try your best.
All the best for further have fun…:slight_smile:


thanks for encourage

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Not necessarily true. As a buyer I choose the one who writes a very accurate offer. I don’t care about the cheapest offer or the buyer with the best rankings. From my experience there are mostly new sellers providing their offers anyway but it better be very targeted. Think about it as every request being a problem - how can you help to solve it? And be as detailed as possible.

Try to avoid writing an offer to just any request. No templates, put some effort into your offer.

Anyone that has ever initiated a buyers request knows, there will be many offers. A lot of them for $5, generic std responses - do it once and you know exactly how it should not be done, EVER. Out of about 60 offers I only had one single offer that was unique, tailored to my request. As a buyer I am already confronted with lots of low quality sellers and if you reply to anyone requesting more info you will be spammed for days to come :confused:

Hope this helps, there is so much more info on this forum about BR. Generally there is a way to do it but many ways that will never lead to any order.


thats great information for me


am also not getting any order, pls check my gig ok or not coj um biggener,it will b very helpful for me

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thanks for ur information

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Do not copy paste any word in your buyer request section.