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Still i have no order

why still not got any order please some help me, how to get quick order? I am trying always for getting the order

rich my gig please


The niche this gig is in which is Data Entry has so much competition. There are well-rated sellers who offer the same thing you do for the same price. for an example:

Just think from a buyer’s perspective, If you’re a buyer would you go for a seller with no rating instead of a rated seller to get done the same service for the same price? most probably not.

So, If you’re in a competitive niche like Data Entry, at least you must offer something unique that other sellers don’t. Freelancing doesn’t mean that you get orders easily nor money. nothing is easy. you will need to research, learn and improve yourself to compete with others, just like in the job market. otherwise, you will be stuck on the same spot forever.


Thanks for suggestion…your opinion is so much impressive for me, okay i will try to improve me based on buyer requirements. also I know some of things about getting job strategy on fiverr, but as a new seller i think i need to know and learn more and more about getting job on fiverr. that is why i am very glad for your opinion

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same Problem.

Four months I did not get any order my Gig

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can you suggest something for me as well

There have so many seller at Fiverr who didn’t get order before 1 year. So be patience

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Be Patience. You will get order as soon as possible…

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  • Be active 24 hours
  • Send regular 10 buyer request
  • Marketing your gigs.

Hope you will get your order ASAP.

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Logo design is even more competitive than data entry. see the difference in gig counts!

So my advice is the same for you.


thankyou so much…i agree completely

day by day going on search result number…

you will get the orders as soon as possible

I think for too much competition, i heard that fiverr also give chance to the new seller