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Still in last page for 40 days!

Hey there. it’s extremely odd for me!

I have been in the first page on fiverr for 20 days. i’ve got many orders then.

for the last 45 days. I’m in the last page. No changing in positions even after delivering 15 orders " 5stars & On time "

Why my position ranking is the same ?
I see sellers with no orders still getting high ranking. I tried everything. Promoted my gig outside fiverr, Contacted my old clients " they made the 15 orders " . edited the tags. changed the video. still in the last page!

Any recommendation ?

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Improve your GIG SEO.

i did 10 days ago. and tried to improve it so great. Still nothing happened!

I am facing the same issue since 90 days and Did you receive any warning?

Actually yeah. Someone send me the whatssap number. and unfortunately i responded to him and got him to order via Fiverr. But it was a violence of the rules.

It was 60 days ago… but i passed the 30 days… and got back my lvl. still nothing

I am also here still no improvement after 90- days.