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Still No Buyers

Hey guys, it’s me again. I unfortunately still have not received my first sale so I’m requesting that someone refer me to a contact of theirs to try my services now that the half price sale is in effect. I just need to get the ball rolling so can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

I’m a new seller too with just two completed order. Did you followed these tips ever?

Promote your gig to social media networks.

Read the forum’s tips

Send the buyer requests

Use the correct tags and topics

Stay online with your account

Last but not least here is an awesome topic topic on it. Hope it will help you.

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A key point to keep in mind about using Fiverr is being patient. I got my first order after about a month of me putting my gig out there.

Just make sure that you have an attractive gig; from the description to the pricing. Offer more and SMART work for less cost- in a way that benefits both you and the buyer. This is surely going to attract people.
Have attractive images of your work on the gig, use professional logos and stuff for whatever work you are using. Anything that gets to make them click on your gig.
Promotions help too. Share your work with your friends, family and aquaintances.

On Fiverr, you’re really on your own. Because it’s a freelancing business nobody owes you anything. You’ve got to get the ball rolling yourself. Take tips to make your gig better and you’ll find your first order soon.

There are tons of buyers who give chances to new sellers too, so you have to be patient.

Good Luck!

This might sound harsh, but I hope this helps so here I go:

If I was looking for a virtual assistant, I am pretty sure I will not hire you.
Why? Your gig description is only 2 sentences long.
True, some people might say “it is short and simple,” but others like me might think
you didn’t put in the extra time to explain what exactly you can do.
Go check out other virtual assistants with a lot of orders, their gig descriptions are
very detailed and specific, and they provide a list of things they can do.
Your gig image is not that attractive/eye catching either.

You can send thousands of buyer requests, you can drink 10 cans of Red Bull and stay online for 48 hours straight, you can tweet about your gig to thousands of people, but if your gig doesn’t look decent, it won’t matter.
Maybe making a video might help??