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Still no final files or source files from seller

I contracted a fiverr seller for a logo and source files unlimited revisions for $25+fees.

I asked for 2 revisions 1 was fontl, 2nd was a change to the esports badge shape.

Never got the second, and the source files are jpeg files. I asked seller who then stated source files would be available after I accepted the completion.

I did not accept it. The side did after 3 days.

I still have not gotten my revision or source files and am out 27$usd.

Seller says sure will go out today for past ~3 days now

This is my second job I purchased… And I am hating this…

You can Contact Customer Support regarding this and tell them that you did not received the actual files. Then whether you can either cancel the order (that will lead into the refund of your money and warning to the seller or seller’s account ban) or wait for the seller to deliver the files.

I really think you should contact Fiverr.


You should contact CS as soon as possible and report the situation.


I hate to do that and screw up someone’s ratings.

The quality looked fantastic but I paid for vector and source files and I got jpegs…

I hate to be like this… But I picked the seller because it said vector and source files. I paid more just for that.

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Who screwed who? The seller did not deliver a revision, did not deliver the source files and on top of this he said that the source files would have been available after order completion. For my standards this is too much.


People not only should be skilled, but also honest, and show care and respect for others.

You’ll be screwing nobody, the seller screwed him/herself.


I sent the seller a msg asking for my files or I would be reporting the transaction.

I waited (4) days after the system auto approved the gig and still nothing.

Seller stated it should be ready in 30min…

I really do not want to neg feedback the Seller and risk my account getting retaliatory feedback.

You will probably face this situation again in the future. There is something off in your method.

This is what I feared doing voice over gigs and just never did anything.

But I needed a logo and said what the heck and hired a fiverr.

Not sure what is off in my method, I was on a buisness trip fri- sun and have more pressing matters than a fiverr logo.

But in the end, I want what I paid for.

The seller does great, I don’t understand why they never got around to my revision…

Decide what is important and what is not. If the seller is not compliant you have to contact CS.
Otherwise let it be and move on.

The order auto-completed after 3 days of inactivity. If you didn’t receive everything that you’ve paid for, you could request a revision on the basis of an incomplete delivery. This way, the order would remain active and you could wait pretty much forever (if you’re inclined).

My guess is the order was resold/outsourced to someone else and for whatever reason, that other person is unable to update the delivery and send the final files. Which is why your seller is acting strange and doesn’t have the files.

You can add an hour or two to the final deadline you were promised, then I’d report the situation. Chances are, you won’t get your files otherwise.

We have tools to request a deadline extension. If something terrible has happened, you could have been informed instead of being given phony deadlines.