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Still no order in fiverr

I don’t have an order yet

Because you don’t put efforts to get orders and you only have 2 minutes reading here on the forum.

You are completely right. They think that to earn in Fiverr it’s enough to register account and make first gig :thinking:

i’m new user and want to get order but nobody see my gig and notice my profile

So you are doing something wrong.

i’m surprised how people get order and do work im still waiting and cant find anything please some one help me in getting order im in need of it

Can i see your profile of fiver, maybe i got some tips for you,

sure please help me to find any work

Do you speak English or use google translator? Give me link to your profile. I have no clue who are you.

i dont use translator nidawaqas350 is my link

Its not a link, that’s your username.

You don’t have even a one gig offered, so tell me how u can get any orders ? :smiley:

i have posted a gig but i guess i could not understand how to use this fiverr

There is no gigs posted, so u cant get a order.

You should watch Youtube Videos to understand how fiverr work, how to make gigs etc.

i posted again please check that

@hinajehan You are wrong, there is provided at website so many information including videos. But if person cant even watch a fiverr tutorial when creating gig, I think he is in wrong place.

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Nope, its nothing, your profile is empty as your profile picture.

thank you so much for pointing me im doing again