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Still no order receive while too much promotion

I create a gig related to mathematics. But still, no order received. Please check my gig is it ok? and give me any suggestion please

I have already told you why your academic gig is against the Terms of Service in the above topic you posted previously.

Obviously you wish to ignore this!

If you type “academic gig denied” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.

Will leave this with you.

this is not against the terms of service. I am a online tutor. Then why you say this??

Hi, I’m Muhammad Kamran (MS Scholar) and here for you with too many skills. I’ve expertise in educational and professional fields.

Educational Fields:

  1. Helping in assignments, quizzes, and Homework of Mathematics, Statistics, physics, etc.

The above is copied from your profile description and thoroughly discussed in the previous topic to which I referred.

I will not be responding further.


profile description effect on our gig ??

it is write just helping, i will not do … Please concentrate on the line.