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Still No Order Recevied


I am here from 2 years. But i use this site regularly from last 2 months.

Can you please check my gigs? and suggest me what i am missing due to which i am not getting any order.


The solution is simple: What are you doing to promote your gigs?


Exactly, the best way is always to share your gigs to everyone and send lots of offers to buyer requests.
Day after day you will get reviews and improve gaining reputation.


No, this is not the best way. You need to identify your market, and promote to that market. Sharing your gigs with everyone is not effective marketing, and can be considered spam. If you want to find success in promoting your gigs, promote them to the the people that are looking for your services.


Well, of course, maybe I did not explain well. You’re right, that’s the way I used it. I shared my gigs to the people that I know are potential buyers, and are within my niche; Music (Singers, Youtubers, Companies etc. That made the volume of my sales increase considerably.

#6 here is link of profile please check this.

Three Gigs i am promoting now.

  1. Fetch Facebook photos from facebook page to your website automatically.
  2. can Develop static and dynamic websites,
  3. can write computer assignments.


how can i find my desired peoples on fiverr, means i can only see requests from buyers.?


I don’t mean here on Fiverr. On Fiverr, people search the gig listings to find what they are looking for. By target market, I mean, the people you are trying to tell your services to that are not on Fiverr. Figure out who those people are, go find them, and market your services to them.

Your target market are the only people who will make you consistently successful. If you want to be in business, you NEED to have a target market.


Can you please check my profile is it ok, or there is some need to change it?


Your profile is not where you do your selling. You need to impress people on your gigs.


ok, please check my gigs.


This is not the place to ask people to check your gigs. You can do that in the “Improve My Gig” Forum.

Please keep in mind too, people checking your gigs are not going to instantly make you successful. The only thing they can do is offer you tips for improvement. YOU still need to build your own success. We’re not going to do that work for you.


Thanks Sir For your suggestion. I’ll try to find people and then share my gigs. :slight_smile:


Good luck. Good marketing usually pays off in the end.



Dear I have checked your profile out. I am sorry to say you have to improve your profile description. You should, don’t mind, but concentrate on one niche say web development. Offer all 7 gigs in web development; eg: install Wordpress, debug Wordpress, debug PHP scripts, etc sky is the limit. Send Buyer Requests and also share your gigs on social media. Don’t mind, but its true. If were buyer, then I won’t buy from you. Improve your gigs and get success. Hope this help.

Yours friendly!