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Still no order why ? Please help me

Too much IMRP but still cannot order, please see the attachment file, and help me :frowning:

Your gigs look all right. There are a couple of typos, but certainly better English than a lot I have seen. One way to get orders is to go to My Sales on the right, then in the drop down, click Buyers Requests. Submit your gigs to every request that matches. You get 10 per day. Do that for a few days, and you will get an order. Keep doing it until you level up, or you get a regular customer. Then, take care of your customers. You can do it!

@webtelly a agree with you. that is the best way for the beginners. i also did that.

Your English is not good enough that people want to buy your writing. You profile and description has many grammatical mistakes. Be sure to use proper punctuation and capitalization where it is needed as well. Since it has been said around here that most buyers are native English speaking individuals, many of those buyers will continue moving on to the next one if the gig description does not read well, especially for a writing gig. For logo and creative design gigs, there is a lot more leeway.

Reply to @sincere18:

Please check again ma gigs description.

Reply to @webtelly:

Please check again ma gigs description.