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Still No order yet

Hi there! I joined fiverr a year ago and at that time didn’t get any order. Now after a year I have reopened my account and am still getting no orders.
Any useful tip or advice will be helpful
Thank you

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Keep sending proposal and change your profile pic with your girlfriend. Its not facebook.

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Don’t do that. Keeping your profile inactive for one year is not a good practice and would not come out very professional. Keep logging in daily and keep updating your profile.

I have not landed a job yet, so it’s ironic that I am giving you tips, but still!

Cheers and Good luck!


I lost hope therefore left it and then a few days ago decided to open it again and gave it a try

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Thanks for your kind wishes
Mind if I ask how long since you haven’t gotten any order?

How does that work? Sending proposals? Does that help getting gigs?
I guess that is when you have buyer offers right?

Everyone keeps telling me to send buyer’s request but what are we suppose to do If we don’t have any buyer’s at all?

Yes! You called it buyer request I call it proposal because its more professional. One thing I learned in fiverr in a week. If you don’t have the ability create a catchy appealing fiverr proposal (buyer_request) then don’t expect the buyer message.

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Have you got any orders?

Yeah, we will see about that when the first request comes up, Right now it’s a dry land!
Thank you for your advice, appreciate it.

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well same here, i also did not get even a single order yet

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The best we could do is try our best and then leave it all to luck.

yeah other than it what else we can do

Don’t worry when the time will come it will happen
Don’t loose faith

thank you :smile: yeah sure

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Yeah! I have and the buyer send me request.

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Sure! Thank you, Rahul Singh!

Hi, I am newbie , didn’t understand how to send proposals (request)? Can you please explain. Thanks

Basic tricks
1: Send offers regularly
2: Before making the gig have a look at the top rated gigs what they have.
3: Having good tags would attract many buyers
4: Real and visible profile pic of yours.
5: start at $5

These things said by someone,These maybe also use full for we people:star_struck:

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