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Still no orders for any of my gigs. Any advice?

I already read lots of stuff in trying to improve my gigs. I edited my titles to make them more catchy and made sure the descriptions are not vague. I put the best images I have into the gallery. I shared my gigs to social media and even joined Fiverr groups on FB.

I also tried to do buyer requests and make offers as much as I can. Still nothing :sweat_smile:

Here are my gigs:

Maybe I’m just impatient? I’m still new, but I hope I do get orders soon. Should I be doing more things to get orders?

Hi :slight_smile: I’m also a filipino.

Your gigs are nice but I think the problem that you are facing right now is the demand. It’s good that you are offering a low competition gigs but it become difficult for you to get an customer because of low demand.

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Hello, I saw your portfolio on your social media, the images which you have share there are more attractive. I think you have chosen the wrong images for your gig images. You should add bright images to your gig which are catchy, like your landscape image.
You can also offer children book illustration service.
Remove your instagram username fiverr do not allow it, you can show your portfolio on flicker.


I can definitely see that :disappointed_relieved:
I don’t want to give up though. It really is just a waiting game at this point.

Thank you for the tip!

I tried changing the photos again. The photos I had before were the same recent works I had in my Instagram though. Unfortunately the only portfolio I have right now is on Instagram :disappointed_relieved:

Your gig looks very interesting and really worth the money. Maybe create more attractive cover images will help
And you just here less than 1 month. Be patient, be confident with your work and wait :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! I already put in my most colorful work there.
I’m trying my best to be patient. I do hope work will come soon :sob:

me too getting no orders…
What to do ?

Sorry to hear that :worried:
I guess we just have to be patient for now.