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Still no orders in first month

Hello There! I am New on fiverr. I have Joined almost month ago. I haven’t got my first order and I think I need to suggest anything. I would be happy to improve my gigs


Don’t worry . I joined Fiverr 15 days ago. I am also waiting .

Its ok i have been in fiverr for 43 days and still didn’t get any offer just don’t give up and add more gigs to get more attention

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Ranking Gig is a patient work!
When your gig ranks your will surely gain more works!
Essential steps in gig ranking is working on SEO and adding a video that can relate your buyers
Be patient Brother Success will come on your way:)
as a new seller publish all 7 gigs it will help you a lot<3
Best of luck brother!
Have a great day:)

And what do you think about my gig?

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If you say about your gig!
I will tell you to improve your gig description!
Writing down your services more detailed!
A gig video is a must for your more sell:)

ok, thank you!
I will improve it.