Still no orders


hey there all friends,

I am here to ask you for a solution. my gigs have been checked and I have been told from this forum that my gigs are cool still I am not getting orders. Why is that so?

And if we deliver our customer the order that he asked for still he does not give us good reviews what shall we do? What is our mistake in it?

I here by ask you for tips and suggestions and kindly also tell me I have 3.3K views but still not getting the orders? Why me?


Shaheer ullah


Hello Shaheer,

It says you recently delivered 22 orders? I am unable to see though which gig they were ordered from! Your 3 stars could be causing a lack of orders. You need to over deliver and maintain a 5 star rating to increase your chances of more orders!

Hope this helps,



Hi I am getting very few order since the last week I am level 2 seller can anyone help me about this. Thank you