Still no Orders


Hey Dear Friends…

Can anyone please tell me how to get orders. :(( Every day i promote my gig on facebook and twitter.I have lot of views and click but no impression much… what can i do for that?? Please check my gig and tell what’s wrong on that.

Thank you!!




Same situation here :slight_smile:

Maybe it takes a little time. Just a tip, it would be nice if you add a video on each of your gigs.


The fact that there is huge competition in your niche is affecting your performance. There are some established logo designers here. My suggestion is to offer something which the big sellers are unable to do.


Consider changing your gig pictures to something simpler, something which represents your product better.


I agree with @sara1984 about replacing the display on your gig :slight_smile: Perhaps you could show more logos that you’ve made, or look around another people’s gig, sometimes it can give you lots of idea about how to display your work (but don’t copy their work to be displayed on your gig, I believe you’ve known if it’s prohibited:) ). CMIIW

good luck!


"professional graphic designer with 5 year experience.I am perfect at PHOTOSHOP AND ILLUSTRATOR."

Damn… For real? Why do you need to lie yourself? Let me tell you something, 8 months ago I opened Illustrator first time and I thought it would be impossible to create even a circle but I spent like 20/24 hours to learn everything about Illustartor, graphic design and branding for like 3 months (and I still need to learn a lot of things) because I knew this is what I want to do. I was in love with graphic design for years but I was afraid to quit my full time job. And here I am working as full time on FIverr and part time on projects.

Your images are simply worst “logos” I ever seen. (I am not saying I am a great logo designer, but I know I will be someday)

Learn, practice, learn, practice (for free), try to skectch (anyone can skecth), learn and practice every day, then when you feel like; “Hmm, I am better then few logo creators here on Fiverr” create a gig and you will see how customers will come to you.

All the best,