Still No Sales - How Can I Break The Ice?


Hello Fiverr People!

I’m newbie and I still have not bagged any sale. I’m quite discouraged as I’ve seen the competition seems so tough. How can break the ice? Is there really a chance for a newcomer like me to make it big here in Fiverr. Let me know your thoughts.


I would say advertise your gigs else where, use social media


You only have one gig. Try to think up at least five more. Think of unique skills you might have that you can offer reliably. Be one-of-a-kind. Be wacky. Upload a video intro. Offer fun things. Take a chance. And good luck. :slight_smile:


I’ve been here for 2 weeks and I’ve fulfilled over 35 gigs so far. The key to my personal success was to look at my competition, see what they had to offer, and offer MORE.

The first week, I offered a buy two get one free deal (I no longer do that because of the high number of requests I have now). Also, I noticed the lack of express gigs in my field so I decided to have a 1 day turnaround. This increased my sales dramatically. Then, unlike some of my competitors, I do a “will clarify until you are satisfied- or money back guarantee” which I also do not see from my competitors. Do more for less is my golden rule.

I also have a facebook page devoted to my gig to help spread the love. Then, I use my fiverr link as my signature on various forums and blogs.

The more fun you have with it, the better. I don’t look at it as advertising or work. I look at it as, I am doing something I love doing and given the chance to give back to a virtual community. Most people charge $35+ per half an hour for what I do while I do it for $5 an hour (how long a reading usually takes me). Do not be afraid to overdeliver now just to establish a client base. I definitely have repeat buyers and I am thinking of extras I could offer in the future to gain more money.


Search the request gigs. I’ve done this and made 5 sales. so it’s not that bad?