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Still Not Getting Jobs

Hey guys! Good day to you!

It feels like I’m missing something. I used to be a regular worker on Fiverr several years back and after recently re-posting my old gig as well as some new ones, (and doing everything I could think of to polish the look of every gig), in a month I still haven’t gotten one job. Not even a message!

Is there some secret I’m missing?

Thanks for your help!



There is no secret to success. Just work hard, promote your gigs, and make sure that the services you present are appealing to those who need your skills.

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Hi jonbaas, thanks for the input! I intend on working to hard and to the fullest! Just want to make sure I’m spending my time doing the right things :slight_smile:


Perhaps mention in your profile description that you have been away for 3 years and now you are back.

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That is a very good idea! Wow, I didn’t think of that. I’ll try that!

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I took a longer break too from being a top rated seller… when I came back I had been downgraded to a level 2 seller :confused: I was very busy before I took that break, but it took a little while before I started getting sales again, and it’s still not as busy as it was before my break yet, but I’m getting orders, and it didn’t take weeks for the orders to roll in again… Have you tried adding good tags to your gigs? Maybe you’ve gotten more competition while you were gone? Have you checked out what other sellers with similar products include in their gigs? :slight_smile:


Well that’s a bit of a bummer! I hope that eventually, with hard work, I’ll be able to climb back up the ranks! I do believe I have some quality tags. I appreciate your input!

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Hi tonjesorum,

May I ask, how long have you now been on Fiverr after coming on again?

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Hey Chris,

First I like you started selling on Fiverr again. The reason can be because sometimes not have very people looking for your services.

Also I think it will better if you add “Contact me if you want to discuss details of your project” because on this way potential buyers will contact you if they’re aren’t sure what you’re offering and if you can cover services they need.
And stay ONLINE as long as you can because buyers are interested to talk with sellers which are online.

And I think you need to remove “I’m back” you need to continue working on Fiverr where you left and that’s not very important part for customers(buyers) because they can understand that if they want because last review you have received is 2 years ago.

So stay ONLINE, send requests to ‘Buyer request’ and see if buyers will contact you and if that not work try to update your gigs.

I will be interested to hear from you if you will get orders or you will not receive orders after 2-3 weeks.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi devcode,

Oh yes, I love that idea of staying online. Good cal! Boy I really appreciate your detailed response. All of these tips are wonderful. Thank you thank you thank you!


About a month. Took a two year break

Oh gotcha! We’ve got similar stories! I sincerely hope your business picks up again. Do you find that the business of Fiverr has changed much since your two year break?

I Feel like there’s tons of changes! The biggest might be that you can now sell for a starting price more than $5. When I started, you HAD to have a starting price at 5, you couldn’t start at 10$ or $15 as the lowest price. And then you could add a few gig extras on top. The “basic, premium, and pro(?)” deal was all new to me. I also feel like there’s a lot more seller now. I remember there only being 5-10 translators form English->Norwegian back then :sweat_smile: Lots of changes for sure!

Wow so even a market like the specific translation of English to Norwegian is getting a ton more flow! That’s amazing. Yes I agree! I remember only being able to start with a $5 starting point to. I think the changes Fiverr has made have been awesome. It also means for people like us returning to the scene we have a lot more to catch up on and a lot more competition!

Yeah, I’m really enjoying the freedom and possibilities the updates have given us! But it was a lot to get into when I first started back up :sweat_smile:

So true! A lot to take in but all for the better! :raised_hands:t3:

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same here also not getting work at all