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Still not got any!

trying since 2 months still not got. I also upgraded my gig also giving some additional things than others then also nothing is happening. what to do?


Keep patience and active on fiverr forum

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Are you sure to check in the buyer requests section at least daily? It’s a great way to get your foot in the door, get a few jobs under your belt, and get a few good reviews to start you off.

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I check buyers request daily but it shows request at a particular time for instance I checked it 2 min ago and it was blank,it is showing no request found. does same happens with you also? just tell me and if it does then what is solution?

Sellers without a level rarely can see buyer requests, it seems. The only time they’ve showed up for me has been when I happened to check immediately after one was posted; it disappeared within a minute or two. I’ve had enough success without needing buyer requests.

It took me a few months to get my first order (without any inbound marketing), so I would expect that you might have to wait a while. In the meantime, you should try to find ways that you can distinguish and differentiate yourself from your competition. What kind of niche can you fill?

I can do transcription

The only way to get order is to respond buyers request. No body will come to your door for services until you get promoted to some level.

Keep checking for buyers request time to time. Create a template for your offering. Whenever you see a request paste that template. But DON’T JUST COPY PASTE THE TEMPLATE. Modify it according to the job posted. It will take less time to modify template then writing from beginning.

This is the only way to get some order.

thanks for suggestion