Still not Level 1


I have been active for 30 days, made more than 10 successful orders, and got excellent ratings and still I am not promoted to level 1.

I want to know why?


There is probably a special reasoning behind it, or you have not met a certain criteria yet. I’d suggest contacting customer service.


It’s possible the system has yet to notify itself for your accomplishment. Give it a few days before you send a message to CS. Sometimes it takes a couple of days for the system to realize it… as I do believe it’s done automatically.


@surfdude001: if they have other criteria, they should include it.


It takes slightly more than a day or so for the system to update. If you deserve the promote, you will get it. I’m waiting on a level 2 myself, just gotta wait out my two months total (3 more days!)


Oh okay. I’ll wait patiently