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Still not level 2


hi guys, i just need to know when will i be a level 2 seller, i already completed 50 orders

and ive been active in fiverr for 3 months now and im still a level 1 seller… should i contact CS for this?


The 50 orders need to be in the space of 2 months. If you had them over 3 months then you are not yet qualified to be Level 2. If you are qualified for Level 2 then it will happen automatically. There is no need to contact anybody.


Reply to @ryangillam: not true! The OP should contact customer support. Their level 2 requirements are poorly written. It should read “50 orders or more after having been on Fiverr for at least 2 months”. In other words, the time trumps the number of orders. 100 orders in 1 month is not enough but 51 orders after 3 months is.


No it’s written correctly. It’s not in a rolling 60 days. BUT also, no sooner than 60 days.


I believe the sales have to be completed. Your domination map shows only 43 orders completed.


Reply to @anarchofighter: actually, it isn’t. The ideal scenario is listed but there are other possibilities that are not accounted for. Level 2 is achieved if you completed “50 orders in the past two months”. It is also true if you completed 50 order NOT in the past 2 months (yes, but exceeding the 2 months). Again, time takes precedence and as Ozzieuk stated, the orders must be complete.

That wording is insufficient. The non-rolling basis which we know is true is negated by the “in the past”. There are no cues to interpret it as anything other than “going ~60 days back, starting from now”. :slight_smile: