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Still not upgraded to Level 1

Hi everyone!
I was wondering that it’s been a month now since I’ve joined fiverr and I’ve made more than 10 (to be exact 18) sales in 30 days.
The fiverr levels tells us that we can become a level 1 seller when our account has been active for 30 days and we’ve made more than 10 sales.
Can anyone tell me why am I not yet upgraded to level 1 seller?

Level-1 Upgraded automatically when you do all thing done for level-1, If not then you can contact customer support. support team help you. Thanks

I think it is automatic because I just got mine a few hours ago and today actually marked my 30th day on Fiverr. You can contact the customer support.

contact the Customer Support.

Contact the support :wink:

Thank you everyone for replying! Just got my Level 1 badge after contacting customer support. :slight_smile:
The only problem I’m facing now is that lately it’s been 4-5 days that I haven’t received a single order. Any tips?