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Still showing Funds Pending Clearance


After reaching the date which is shown , my funds are still not cleared. How much time it will take now. Please help.


From what I’ve seen, it’s generally 14 days. If day 14 is on a weekend, it may take 15 days. It’ll come through.


Reply to @kjblynx: EST


@arquib is theoretically correct but I’ve had payments take an extra day or two. They’ve always cleared eventually but the timing doesn’t seem that precise in real time.


I think it would be cleared only after 14 days have passed and its counted to the second. So you have to wait exactly 336 hours or 20160 minuted since the review was posted or the order was completed.


Mine typically clear after 7pm on the date shown.


Thanks everyone for the reply…it was delayed due to time zone.