Still shows negative review and rating



One of my buyer puts the negative review on the order i delete the gig but still shows on my profile the negative rating and the ratting down from 100% to 98%.

Kindly tell me what should i do now?



Take a deep breath! Reinstate the gig. You’re allowed to give your own feedback in reply, in which you might kindly explain the reason (ie “buyer requested services I was unable to provide; would recommend sellers read full gig before purchasing”) to let future buyers know it was a fluke.

The 98% should still be ok. When I review your profile, my quick 30-second lookover doesn’t reveal anything negative. Given that most buyers don’t look for more than a couple seconds (based on some of their order requests! haha! :wink: ) you should be just fine.


Thanks Dear :slight_smile:


Here’s what I would do, tell the buyer that if he removes his negative review, you’ll give him a refund. If Fiverr won’t let you do that, talk to customer service. You’ll lose $5, but your rating will go up to what it was before.


waoo Thanks it’s 100% now.