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Still struggling to get my first order

I am a new seller at fiverr. 5 active gigs on my profile but still struggling to get my first order. Expecting expert help, how can manage my first order.

Perhaps it might be more useful to expect that YOU need to do the work necessary for your gig to be seen. Expecting experts to make you successful is not going to happen.

What are you doing to market and promote your gigs to the target customers who need your services? Are you reaching out to your desired customers, are are you “expecting” them to somehow find you?

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Struggling or New?

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Thanks for your reply. Because I am new here, I am not sure how I can reach my targeted customers. I shared my gigs at my social media profile. I have prior long time working experience at ****** but Fiverr is little bit different.

Please note in my response above that the last link is about marketing. That may help you with reaching targeted customers if you really read it and follow it. You’ll have to take the time to do the work.


Thank you so much for your best suggestion.

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I am in the same boat as you, but we just gotta be patient and market ourselves. We will both get sales in the near future, just keep your head up and don’t quit!

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When I started, I started by selling for less than a lot of the more established sellers. That was for two reasons - one, I needed my gig to get noticed, and two, being brand new here (and to my industry in general), I figured if I priced the same as everyone else, people would go with sellers who have been more established and had already earned some great reviews. My strategy worked, and over time I gradually raised my prices (while offering the original price to folks who had become regulars in that time). Not saying that’s the best strategy, but it worked for me.


One of the things I did to start getting customers when I first started was to do as much promotion to my gig as I could.

I am a member on many other forums (different username of course) and I started promoting my gig in my signature box.

Forum marketing is still a very effective method if you start it off right.

There are also many forums where you can advertise your services in a WTB section.

This can help you get the ball rolling :slight_smile:

You can even offer 5 to 10 free review copies to the most senior members.

Then provide an amazing quality service, and they will gladly recommend you to others!

There are many more ways to promote and advertise your gig, and this is just one of them.

Obviously the more you promote your gig, the better results you can expect. But the days of just throwing some gigs up on Fiverr and expecting massive success are no longer here I believe.

But if you are willing to work on it like a REAL business, then you can definitely achieve amazing results.



Yes, good to be patience and keep trying.

Good idea ! Next time I will go for it.

Thank you so much for your great idea !

You’re very welcome!