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Still waiting for my first buyer what am I doing wrong?

Someone please help me. I’m very frustrated at this point

You have one gig.
There are 1200+ other gigs just like yours.

Can you spot the problem?

I know what you’re saying. So should I add more of the same gig?

A few tips:

  • Do research. See how others are making sales.
  • Add more gigs. DO NOT replicate your gig. Fiverr doesn’t like it when you offer several of the same services.
    By adding more gigs you’ll generate more views.
  • Stop by and bid! Visit the buyer request section and bid all day.


  • There is a huge amount of competition
  • Always deliver on time
  • Respond to enquiries fast
  • Stay positive

Best of luck!
:bulb: Joe

that guys is right. in short words there are hundreds of gigs out there providing same service as you, think again what makes you different and better than them, then cash that unique point of yours. GOOD LUCK :slight_smile:

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