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Still Waiting For My First Order After a Week

I started my Fiverr account a week ago and have been actively updating gigs, ensuring no errors in anything etc, but I still haven’t gotten any orders for the 6 gigs I offer (all of which are at $5). I’ve been online and active this whole week, so I don’t understand why I haven’t received anything.

For those who can further help me here’s my profile:

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I also published my Gig last week and I haven’t gotten an order yet.
You Have 6 gigs I’m sure one of them will get an order soon.

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With niche Gigs like yours, a week isn’t a long time to wait to receive an order.

Out of interest, do people still receive tuition during the summer holidays? Those are fast approaching and could possibly cause a dry spell.

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hope you get one soon my friend. keep your hopes up

There are so many sellers… you have to wait and see…!

Some suggestion for you:

  1. Profile picture: What does it means or what’s the message to the visitor who visiting you? Profile pic should represent you or your service.
  2. Gig image: Visit some gig related to your services. Take the idea, and create gig image that create a clear concept of the service. In case of using only text, use bigger font size. Carefully use background color and text color so that it is easy readable at first sight. Use all 3 images describing or with snaps example of your works.
  3. Tags: the most important part for your gig to be appeared in search result. You have opportunity to use 5 tags for a gig. So, why 3. Search similar gig, and find out some tags best for your service, and use them as gig tag.
  4. FAQ: People may have some common questions before the order your gig. So, use maximum number of FAQ and answer. It may help you much.
  5. Gig Description: This is the best opportunity to describe your service. So, describe your service as much as possible.
  6. Write what your service about at the beginning of the gig description.

I am not an expert. Hope some experts may help you much in this regards.

Best of luck!

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This is very helpful advice for all sellers. Thank you.