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Still Waiting for my First Order on Fiverr

I am new on Fiverr. From 2 days I am waiting for taking any order but still no people contacted me. I hope after receiving my first order and complete the task on time. It will be easy for me to get another orders.

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I have more than 4 years of experience in Graphic Design. I have done many works related this Field at different marketplaces.
But I am New on FIVERR. Just 7/8 days before I have created my GIGs. I have sent near about 34/35 of Buyer Requests. But yet I not get a Order.
I am not worried about that. Because I know I will get the job.
Only Trying and updating the skill is Important.

Thank You so much.

Thank you for reply. I have one another issue is that buyer request I can’t see. But I will keep trying.

Look for a day of the week that you will dedicate on fiverr to get the exact time buyer request pops up. Once you have an idea, check by the same time daily, or an hour before and after. Also, how many gigs did you create? Create as much as 5 and diversify all the gigs so you get to see as many options as possible. I hope this helps

:thinking: buyer request 35 … I also new for here…and I only send 7 buyer request… I have 1 order and i completed it…dear, please remember this I thin you must type a clear description for buyers…and send some photos and your skills …give them discounts… I think you can get the order

Some sellers take months to get their first order.

Check this out: New Sellers .... Success Doesn't Come To Those Who Wait!

thanks very much. this will surely help me

thanks. I will surely follow this.

agree… luck depends