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Still waiting for my First Order Please Help


Hello guys,
I did not get my First order since December 2016, I created Multiple Gigs & also regularly sanding 10 offers to Buyer Request, Please Help!! what should i do :frowning:
Please my Seniors Help me!!.


Can you put a link to your profile and maybe we can help you.


sir which type of link i mean my gigs link or anything else ?


A gig link will be fine.


where should i paste that link please Tell me more Clearly


Just reply to this post with the link.


Here is Gig Link Address.


Your gig prices are far too expensive for a new seller. Have a look at other sellers in your category to see what I mean. Also your use of English is letting you down. Would suggest you spend some time improving that as you will need it for your gig descriptions and also for Buyer Requests.


So should i Improve English or try to use Other language ?


You will need to improve your English and only you can do that. If a buyer sees that you do not have a good understanding of English they will feel that you will not be able to communicate with them and they will not buy from you.


i have Created one more with cheap price $5 I’m very Unhappy by watching this to happening with me :frowning:


I’ll spend more time in improving English , Anyways can you please share/promote my Gigs


There is no shortcut to this. Just take time to improve your English.


Thank you My dear Brother