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Still waiting for my order!

Been here for 4 days.I use facebook to promote my gig,but i am not able to get an order.

Is there any fault with this gig?

Feel free to give response!

You will be waiting for months sometimes. Fiverr isnt your daily work site, its a waiting game with professional standards

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You need to be patient @jithin_08

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Thank you for the information :grinning:

It took me one week before getting my first order, and during the week where I haven’t got any orders, I was searching and watching tutorials about how to improve my gigs and make them better, then I was always re editing my gigs until I get something decent, and after a week, I got my first customer who became a regular, and because he was a regular, he was always satisfied and writing positive reviews, so I got more customers.
Ah yes, and I did long video editings for cheap… Now I hope my patience will pay to reach level 1 seller and see if I can raise up my prices.


Congrats bro :grinning: