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Still waiting for new order


Last 2 months didn’t get any order, hopefully, I will receive a good achievement.


The word, “achievement”, means that you have done something to earn something. What are you doing to earn your orders? Or are you just sitting back waiting for them to appear like magic?

If you want to achieve success, you’re going to have to work hard to earn it. Success does not come to those who just sit and wait for it. Success comes to those who are ambitious, who reach out and connect to their customers, and who are constantly experimenting to improve their gigs and make them better and more captivating.

So far, it doesn’t sound like you’ve been doing any of this, and, as a result, you have not had any orders in the last two months. Get busy EARNING your success and “good achievement”; no one is going to give it to you for free.


You have to be patient and keep trying find new ways to get better check this article


thank you very much for your help


I appropriate to your massage . I hope this help me .
thank you very much


You need to remove your unapproved portfolio link from your profile description.

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thank you very much for your help


This is spamming the forum. You need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig and those who wish to will help you.


Ok , I will improve my Gig and those who will wish to help me.


This was not directed at you. It was directed at @ mamirulislam who was asking for help in the middle of your post.

You have made your own post and that is fine.


Oh sorry,
any way @mamirulislam message was flagged. I don’t know Why.


It was flagged by the community because it was spamming your post.