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Still waiting for new orders

I have practiced new skills by using basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop


I’d change your cover image if I were you, just some advice


Soon I will change this.I used to open account just not well prepared for the cover page.

It’s alright. Mine still hasn’t been fixed, lol

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May I can Help You?I mean for your Cover Image.


I would suggest that you better don’t “wait”. Orders won’t come by themselves. Fiverr is a marketplace with thousands of awesome gigs. So, if one is offering a service in a niche with huge antagonism, like yours, then it is wise to do whatever is possible to drag customers to your gig.

The Forum is great, but not enough. As you can see, too many sellers post every hour in “My Fiverr Gigs”.

So, maybe you need to advertise outside of Fiverr. To use your social media.

Meanwhile you can check out what the best selling gigs in your niche look like. To not copy but to get inspired.

I hope that helps,

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