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Still waiting for orders but it look like i have lost all my hope

i am here on fiverr for 1 month and only have done 2 orders . i starting i also received messages from buyers about work from 2 weeks nothing at all. i have lost all my hope , anyone help me …thanks in advance :-w

One thing you could do is create a Squidoo page that links to your Fiverr gig. That has worked for me for other ventures.

no i am not doing anything to promote please help me …i am i a state of confusion :open_mouth: :((

Hang in there. I started out the same way, just got a couple of orders here and there. Sometimes I went weeks without getting an order. All of a sudden, after almost a year, I started getting a lot of orders. The majority of my orders now are from repeat buyers. Are you doing anything to promote yourself off of fiverr? I didn’t, but I just worked fiverr on the side while I was working full time. But if you need to start getting work fast, that’s what I might suggest.

thank you ross! I’m dealing with the same issue. Although I’ve already earned some cash I’m not receiving orders :confused: does anyone knows another way for promoting our gigs?

OK, first step is to take a deep breath. You have some good gigs there but you are in categories with a ton of competition. It may take a little bit to get traction. Some people hop on here and get going very quickly, but most do not. Things like this take time.

The first suggestion is to get a video on each one of your gigs. I know that’s time consuming but it really does help get you sales. I noticed you have a couple already on two gigs, that’s great. You may want to look into upping the quality of those videos if possible. That really does help.

Now we come to promotion. Use social media, promote your stuff in the “My Fiverr Gigs” section on this forum, use the Buyer Requests feature if possible. Also, contact previous buyers and ask if they need any more work or if they know somebody who does. Tell them returning buyers and referrals get a discount. (Don’t badger them though. One message is usually enough. Just use common sense.)

Finally, read over the forums for other ideas. And I mean READ over the forums. Try and see if you can find new ideas. And also, when you have a specific question, check to see if someone else has already asked it before you post a thread. There are a lot of great threads already out there. (This specific topic of pulling in new buyers has MANY different threads all by itself. And a few are extremely useful.)

Hope that helps.

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thanks now i am working on your tips and hoping a good response in future

Reply to @rossstudio: i will try can you please send me link to your squidoo page

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can you please tell me tips so how can i get featured in my gigs

Reply to @ashleycyrus: Squidoo has been discontinued and purchased by Hubpages. You can try there instead.

I wish I knew. Being selected as a featured gig here on Fiverr is entirely up to Fiverr. There is no exact formula to getting your gig featured. (At least one we know about anyway. If there was and we sellers knew how to do it, all of us would be featured right now…which would make “featured” not matter as much. But I digress.)

There does seem to be some things you can do raise your chances of becoming featured.

  • Be Original. (This could anything from what your gig offers to how to present your gig. Originality is highly prized by the Fiverr Gods.)
  • Be Good to Your Customers (Treat them right in everything you do. This keeps your rating extremely high, which is something all “featured” gigs share, and it also looks good on you. Remember, Fiverr tracks how long EVERYTHING takes, from how you respond to a message to how you take to fill an order. They also can read all our correspondence here on the Forums and on Fiverr itself. Keep that mind as I’m sure they do their research when selected new featured gigs.)
  • Be Consistent (Try to keep your response times and delivery times as consistent as possible. Don’t tell one customer no for something and another customer yes for the same thing. Again, this helps with your rating as well as your chances for getting featured.)

    Finally, I will recommend again to look over the forums. Use the search feature and search for “Featured Gigs” or something like that. Others will have tips as well. This is true for ALL of your questions here on Fiverr. (I use these forums all the time to look up answers to questions for both me and my buyers.)

    Good Luck!

    (NOTE: I have never had a gig featured, so this is all info I cobbled together from the forums. So take this info for what it’s worth.)

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thanku you so much for help

@ashleycyrus hang in there, i started the same you did. Give it some time but in the meantime try using social media such as Pinterest, to get eyeballs on your gigs. Good luck!

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yes willtry and hoing a god future

Ashley, is that you in your profile picture? If so, you’re cute. You could do one of those holding a sign gigs, or even testimonials in your native language.

Those are both super popular and should get the ball rolling.

Hi Ashley,

Seems like good advise people are giving you.

I didn’t see anyone mention this so let me suggest for to open a profile on, "Quickly grow your professional network"

It free and in no time you can have a large network of business associates which is easy. You will get emails of suggestions of various members that you may want to link with and they will then get an email asking if they want to link with you. I think that’s how it works.

Here is the important reason for doing this and the other suggestion.


Action begets action.

By doing this, your subconscious mind will start making things happen.

You’ve lost all hope in that time? I’ve had 4 buyers over 9 months…

Anyway, don’t give up and take a deep breath as theslackjaw said.

What have you done for your gig promotion and have you done anything?

Reply to @rankwinz: no i have not done anything yet

great tips