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Still waiting for the first **ORDER**

Guys, How can I get my first order in fiverr :confounded: :expressionless:

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You dont have any Gigs published.

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@kilianotte Yes,I have created one Gig based on the product background removal

There are almost 50,000 gigs offering this service. There is a lot of competetion so chances of getting orders is really low in this field. Maybe you can develop more skills and sell some other services rather than baclground removal/


@hazel_justin131What about social media marketing?? Does it have any scope??

You don’t have any gigs associated with your user profile “midhun_n” - so you’ve got a 2nd Fiverr account I assume?

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@cubittaudio why you guys can’t see my Gig.

This is the Gig that I created

This is what you see when you search for your account. No gigs.

Are you using a different account on Fiverr for your gigs?

Post a link? I also had trouble to find your profile

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This is you…

You’ve got two accounts.




Be careful - that’s against Fiverr’s Terms of Service, you’re only allowed one account.

As for why you’re struggling - I was only able to find you by searching for Amazon Product Removal, then filtering by new sellers based in India. You came up a few pages into the results. Overall, there are something like 80,000 results for background removal. It’s ultra competitive.

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You have to put attention to details. Put a video, and pick a thumbnail. So that the client clicks you just by looking at it.
Check out My gigs for reference.

@paolanoelle :frowning:

So what can I do now?
How it become like 2 accounts?
Is there any solution?