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Still waiting for work!


Feedback would be appreciated !!



If you just sit there and hope buyers will start noticing your gigs then you are mistaken.

You have to put your self out there, make yourself known.

Check Buyer Requests Often.
Contact Local Business Owners.

Market your brand.


Thanks cornishseo!!
Yeah!! i thought so much … this would be it … self promo … off to social media than…
Take care… :slight_smile:


OK, I have an idea. First you should have a bottom price, I see some of your gigs are at $10, that’s a good bottom.

You do have a gig at $75, so this is what you do. Today, you will decrease the price by $10. Tomorrow, by another $10. I want you to keep doing that until you either get an order or hit a bottom of $10.

Also, your gig title isn’t specific:

" I Will Provide You Quality Vector Designs"

How many designs? 2? 5?

Why not “I will create one quality vector design”?


Great idea fastcopywriter!!
I am going to change just according to what you say here … Thanks a bunch !!


Done both the pricing and the title … changed according to your suggestions !!