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Still waiting on delivery :-/

What should I do? My projects are now 14 and 20 days in with my original promise date of 3 and 5 days. If I complain now, I’m sure I won’t get the sellers best work. I can’t start over with another buyer as then I’d be even further behind. I have passed by deadline on these projects and now I’m taking the heat for delaying everyone! Suggestions on how I should proceed?

Have you attempted to communicate with them and been ignored?

Honestly, I’d just cancel–they deserve it if they’ve offered no communication. Don’t even complain. The rest does suck… I’d cancel and rehire with extra fast 24hr delivery. It’s not easy being a middleman as you’re finding out…

Sellers should not make promises they cannot keep.

The majority of sellers do not deliver late. On the occasional time a seller is late, a day or two is considered a lot. Iv been late a couple of times and as compensation I usually offer around half the order value as a credit for future orders.
What I am saying is that 14 and 20 days late is beyond ridiculous and you need to cancel if this delivery time was not agreed.
Move on to another seller, there are plenty available.

So glad I posted my dilemma and thank you for your insight. Much appreciated. I’m going to give them a deadline and if it’s not met, I’m moving on. Thanks
Oh I forgot to mention that I’m not being ignored but she keeps saying it’ll be done shortly.

So true! I’ll be taking action and moving on if I don’t get my product delivered by my proposed deadline.

Thank you so much. I’d never used Fiverr before so I was wondering if this might be normal. Thanks for clearing this up for me.