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Still Waiting to sell

Hello Everyone,

My Fiverr Gig is Launched Now and prepare for else more, However, I still can’t get any orders but Never give up…

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Don’t give up
Follow this steps you will get order soon.
1)send all 10 buyer request daily(send unique buyer request )
2)Be online on fiverr 7-8 hours at least
3)create unique gig and put attractive gig images
4)share your gigs on all social media fb groups,linkdin,twitter
5)Response quickly to messages
6)Complete first order professionally and get 5 :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:
Thanks and good luck
Follow this tips

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Thank you so much for your advises,
I will be working on it !!

:slight_smile: Good luck …

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Welcome and good luck for future.

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hi i have 4 gigs but i am unable to send buyer request will you please guide me how to make a buyer request?

Unable to make buyer request? Buyer request are not showing…?

Yes i am unable to make buyer request it is just showing one buyer