Stock Image Issue



What are options for buying stock images? A buyer purchased a Getty image extra. They purchased one image extra. Now they want 4 more, but there is no way for them to order or me to offer 4 more Getty images via Fiverr. I and the buyer have contacted customer support and gotten no good help. So, I want to look at other options to get my buyer high quality stock images like Getty, and I will pay for that.



May I ask why?

I once paid $15 for premium stock and the seller downloaded free stock images from a freebie site. I was so disappointed.

Not that you would do something like that but, just curious.


Dude if you are seller then better stock create or buy.

Asking for free and you are selleling it, its just odd


I had a client want more images. They ordered 1 Getty image extra. There is no way to add more after the purchase. Before I make any offer, free or otherwise, I want to ensure I can provide the right images.



There are several sites that give royalty free stock images for commercial use. It’s pretty nice images, if you ask me.

Google “Royalty Free Stock”

I’m a member of Canstock and have paid for all of mine but may use combo of each in the future.