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STOCK IMAGES extra feature

Do you know how the new Extra Gig “Stock Images” work? It’s been automatically activated on one of my Gig. Maybe it’s not new, but I’d never seen it before. Thank you for answering!:slight_smile:

It is new, there was a post about it officially from Fiverr. As any new feature, it is automatically activated as an option to BUYERS, so IF you do not want it on, go into the GIG edit and uncheck the box. I am looking into it now actually. :smiley: Stay tuned.

@giulia_italia That’s weird. It is supposedly going to be auto-activated which I don’t really like since I’d rather new things be off by default. The message I got said “This feature will be available in selected categories starting June 18, 2015.” I don’t have it as a choice or automatically added on any of my gigs yet, since it’s not the 18th.

It seems like an odd thing to be automatically included in gigs.

Where do you find the Fiverr post on Getty images. I like to read it but can’t find it.

Yeah - I also saw the pop-up from Fiverr about this. Anyone have thoughts on what exactly it would pertain to? I don’t really understand how stock photography would fit into a deliverable that a seller is otherwise building.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Yes, automatically activated. :slight_smile:

Honestly, I really don’t see a use for this. Oh well.

Reply to @thecreativeguys: I got that part in the message I received. What I’m saying is that mine said the feature wouldn’t be available until the 18th and the OP said he already has it.

Reply to @david388: I thought it might be for some writing gigs because I got the message and most of my gigs are in the blog writing category. I have a self-created extra for stock photos since some buyers don’t want to take the time to find an accompanying picture for their blog posts. Research gigs might be able to use an extra like that if they are doing product research or author research, but I don’t have any of those gigs right now. If it shows up on my blog gigs on the 18th, I probably will use it to free up the extras I’m using up for photos right now.

@steveeyes Sorry I’m replying along with this note but it’s fast! Just FYI I haven’t seen any official announcements about the Getty image thing. I got it as a pop-up when I logged in today but it only came up the first time. Most of what it said has been mentioned here, it was pretty simplistic.

[Edit] Once I thought about the price of the extra set firmly at $10 and only Getty as a partner, I changed my mind. I’ll probably just keep using my own extra that costs buyers less and I can get them super cheap or public domain photos.

What would be fantastic is if we each got to use a copy of the stock photo for ourselves. You know, “one for you, one for me…” But I have a feeling Getty is a tough negotiator :slight_smile:

Well you know sometimes buyers want to include specific image or stock icon what they have found on Internet and to save time they simply want to buy it and hire you to make modifications.

Thanks for the replies!

I think I missed the official post about it…

Anyway, it’s ok now: I asked because yesterday this new feature was automatically activated and I couldn’t deactivated, but today is fine (I got the Fiverr pop up too and the box to tick for activation, so it works fine like the other extras now:)

So yes, probably it could be useful for greeting cards, ebook covers, blog post pictures, etc.etc.

I had to edit all my gigs to disable that feature. I’m a WRITER, why the heck would I be using images? The only gig I use images for is Facebook, and those images I get from the Facebook’s own site.

Oh well, Fiverr likes to try new things.

Reply to @thecreativeguys: By the way, I’ve confirmed that some people got the feature on the 16th. Either the pop-up was wrong about the 18th or they are rolling it out in stages.

I am checking my gigs right now and it is NOT automatically activated on them.

I got a pop up notification from Fiverr about it but I really do not see it anywhere.

Yes - it is not good impression to be automatically activated without your approval but what if I want to activate it ?! How to do it ?

Shall I just go and ad a new gig addon with my own description and price for $20?

It’s not getting added to each and every gig out there I guess, as I have three gigs there 1) Logo design 2) Vector art & 3) Banner design and it was added to banner one only…

So it’s good I guess!

What you say ?