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Stock photo extra which was automatically added to my gigs

Hello, apparently this extra was automatically added to all my gigs, which offer the option to the buyer to pay 10 extra dollars in order for me to pick a stock image to use in my gigs. This is no use for any of my gig, but one of my buyer picked this option probably thinking that it would increase the quality of the gig, now i have disable this extra from all of my gigs, but I was wondering is there a way to remove this extra if the order is in progress? if not I will cancel it and redo it. Not sure why fiverr automatically added this option as for me it’s more trouble than anything, anyway I have now disabled it so it won’t happen again!

No option to partially refund an offer/refund an extra.
You will have to cancel the order and start over.

Sorry this happened to you. I’m sure a lot of others had similar issues too.
This was a bad implementation from Fiverr’s side.

thanks for the link madmoo, I posted my bad experience there :slight_smile: