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Stole my design and order cancelled by cs

Could anyone help me? How to solve my problem. My one buyer stole my design and complain the customer support they cancelled the order and blocked my account.

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We cannot help you with this. We are not Customer Support. If you have an account issue, you’re going to have to contact Customer Support.


did you violates Fiverr TOS ? then it can be a reason that your account got blocked

Sorry sir, Buyer stole my design and complain the customer support for cancel the order,

yes did you ask them reason why they blocked your account?

Contact Customer Support and describe your problem, Only they can help you :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe not. Because maximum seller know that Fiverr is buyer base marketplace.

Well, nobody on the forum can restore your account, only CS can do that.


They would only do that if you violated Terms of Service somehow.

Once they block your account you can’t get it back. I’m sorry this happened to you but it would be helpful to others to know why they blocked your account. You probably know why.

Same happend to me today.I gave all files to client and later received an email that order is cancelled by custom support.It is no more trusted platform now.Favoring buyers only.