Stolen art in your portfolio


Do I even need to say that you shouldn’t steal art for your gig portfolio?
After browsing some illustration gigs apparently I do have to sigh

Please stop doing this, it’s dishonest, false advertising and unfair to other artists who don’t get clicks because your fancy pants fake gig got them instead.

Don’t think you’re being smart, one Google search will tell me exactly who the real artist is and don’t even pretend you’re him/her because your portfolio consists out of art from 3 different artists!

So even if you don’t get reported and some poor soul believes it’s your drawing and not in fact Glen Keane’s, Liosh’s or Laura Diehl’s. What do you do now? Can you deliver that same quality of work? I doubt it, if you could you why would you steal art?

Have some faith in yourself, put on your grownup pants and add your own damn artwork to your gig!

I realize this is a rant, but I do believe it’s a tip as well. No one will return to you if you can’t deliver what you promised.

Edit: Thanks djgodknows for pointing out to me that I stole this thread title :stuck_out_tongue:
Obviously this has been a problem for a while now and I’m not the only one who noticed.
I think a solution from Fiverr’s side would be to add a ‘report’ button (this would be under every gig) similar to what facebook has. After clicking it there can be a drop-down with options such as ‘stolen art’ (only in the art categories) ‘seller doesn’t deliver’ ‘unethical gig’ stuff like that. Would help a lot I think.


Stolen THREAD title Minette! :scream:


You can contact Fiverr Suport

So sorry to hear that, breaks my heart when people steal art. I hope you get this sorted


Umm… didn’t happen to me. Happened to the OP of that thread… :rolling_eyes:


Oh LOL I see what you mean now, I thought you just added this and said you’re stealing my title.
Haha my bad :stuck_out_tongue: didn’t mean to.

I guess it’s already been addressed then, although my complaint is a bit different. I really hope Fiverr does something about this soon, I have actually complained to them about it multiple times


Dear Minette:

Whenever I steal art, I just add a mustache and slap my name on it:

Good luck,


Ha ha, you know I wish they would at least do that. That way there’s some effort put into it :stuck_out_tongue: