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Stolen art put in portfolio


Hello all,

I usually don’t have much to say here, had few posts before but this got me triggered.
Apparently some seller has put my art in her portfolio. Now, it’s a good thing i was looking around, otherwise i wouldn’t have seen this. I can prove it, i have screenshot so even if she changes it i can still prove it. To whom do i actually report this? If anybody knows, please tell me here.

Thanks in advance and sorry if i posted this in the wrong category but i think people should be aware of these kind of people.

Best Regards


Stolen art in your portfolio

Join the line bro. I see so many ************* with stolen artwork in their portfolio. Dunno if Fiverr plans to fix it.

Negative references using ethnicity or region is not allowed on the forum.


Even the gig description is the same as mine. I will send a ticket to support but i want people to be aware and look around for possible stolen art or whatever they have.


Hi Daredez !

Same happened to me as well.

Contact Customer Support with the URL of that GIG.

You can send the request under ‘Trust and Safety’ area.

This will work.



Thank you very much, Design_desk.
I will do that.

Best Regards


@design_desk has advised you correctly. Just show your proof to Support.


Thank you. :slight_smile:


Haha, interesting seeing you here… I was just admiring your work a couple days ago… Really good stuff :slight_smile:


I would love to know how it turned out! What did customer support say/do?
I haven’t had this problem myself, but my customers often tell me things like “This must be an original work” “has to be made by you” “NO CLIP ART FROM GOOGLE PLEASE”, so obviously it happens a lot that people use and even sell stuff that isn’t made by them.
Would love to have an easy solution for this problem, but I guess all we can do is to have each others backs, keep our eyes open and report it if we notice an obvious fraud.
I hope your problem gets solved. Otherwise, hopefully that person won’t last very long when it turns out that she can’t do the stuff she advertises.


For some protection of your 3 base images of your gig you can occasionally search these images with google image search/ tinyeye image search and then have a look if it isn`t appearing anywhere else than your fiverr gig page/the pages you used them on. If anyone has even stolen a part of your image, Google is smart enough to detect that(Most/99% of the times).


I contacted support team and now i am waiting for their response. I gave them all information and evidence i have. I will keep adding news as i get them.


Thank you. I appreciate the love! :slight_smile:


That helps. Thanks!


Ok here is how the things are.

They responded within a couple of hours. They said they will forward for review to their Trust and Safety Team but due to their privacy policy they can’t discuss what will happen to the reported individual. They also said that their team is skilled at finding the truth.
So i hope they actually are, otherwise i will be very very pissed.
I mean, at their end everything was good. Fast timing, good talk. Now i hope they can do something about it. Thats it.

Best Regards


Sure thing :wink:


Yes, and provide screen shots (if your artwork is on your personal website for example) to your original work. Copyright/Property Rights is something that is taken very seriously here on Fiverr as it’s very illegal.


The issue has been resolved. CS did a great job. Thank you all for your help. :slight_smile:


Pardon, but if someone has made income off of your work, why wouldn’t you want that money returned to you? If the seller does it once - they should be banned… end of story.


For e.g. your profile image is from SalesDialers (.com) and this site is copyright protected with all rights reserved. So, does this means that all of your earnings should be given to that site owners. The answer is no, not at all.

If someone resells your work without permission then transferring the money makes sense. I am not taking the side of the one who stole the work but just banning is enough.


If you’re talking about my profile image, you’d be wrong - it came from iStockphoto, and was purchased. You must be chatting up about someone else…

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