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Stolen designs on fiverr

This is just a rant.
For some reason I decided to check my gig category (probably the first time in a few years) and who is “competing” with me and I was seriously shocked to see so many stolen designs.
(well, I know why I decided to check it, just today I saw a couple of people promoting their gigs with images from the internet on the forum and I got curious)

I knew that the situation was quite bad seeing how many so-called designers even trying to promote their gigs with stolen images on fiverr forum and complaining why are they not getting any orders. But this was really beyond my expectations: every third (!) gig using stolen designs and some of those people are even level 2 sellers. And that’s only the ones that I recognise immediately and I’m sure if I will try to google the rest they also will turn out to be stolen from the internet…


As I see it, this is because (in my opinion) a large majority of so-called sellers don’t see Fiverr as a freelance platform. They see it as some kind of magical $5 money funnel which they approach with a kind of robbin’ in the Fiverr hood mentality.

I mean you literally have people who think it’s perfectly fine to just grab anything from the Internet and flog it on Fiverr. They think that is how Fiverr works, and that this is what it means to be a freelancer.

Then you have a budget buyer feedback loop which comes into play. Buyers convince themselves that there is some kind of magical contractual obligation for a $5 seller to deliver the same kind of quality as a $500 seller, just because they say they can.

I found this when I offered real estate videos. I was first to offer this service on Fiverr. (The First.) I was making $40-ish a day selling videos I was creating using premium software I paid an annual subscription to use. Then a flood of people started arriving selling higher quality production videos, all of which were created using templates used without commrcial rights from Video Hive.

I even started telling people who messaged me asking if I could make a video as cheaply as another seller, that the other sellers were just flogging stolen templates. They wouldn’t listen though.

In the end, legitimate sellers sink lower and lower in the search, because the Fiverr algorithm favors sellers who flog knocked off whatever, because they get higher sales volumes. It makes it all a bit pointless really.

And then you have that Rising Talent badge… I caught a seller using my gig description with that. Right now there are even sellers using my gig description and gig images ranking higher than me in the search.

This is why I just don’t try anymore.


As always you are spot on :wink:

And this what bothers me the most. They don’t even see what are they doing wrong. (And some even arguing that it’s ok) mind blowing for me.

I don’t blame buyers too much, we are all trying or tried at some point in life to get a good deal on something. (Even though it does amaze me sometimes how demanding some buyers can be)

Ha ha I do a lot of wedding calligraphy and I do receive from time to time messages from people asking for custom invitations design (all handmade) and after hearing the price saying something like : “but I saw on amazon 100 invitations for 10$ why are yours cost 300$?”
(But mostly I have amazing clients)


@mariashtelle2 @cyaxrex The problem with a race is the loser will always cheating.

I’m seriously intrigued by individuals – and that’s specifically true for logo category – who steal some madly expensive case from behance and use it as a preview for a $5 gig. Like, the buyer will see your final delivery is not THAT. What then? Hope they won’t report/cancel? Hope you’ll get a 3* out of it and it’ll be enough to get a few more orders? What is the plan?


I’m afraid some of them delusional enough to think that they can create the same. Not even that. They are convinced that their work is similar to that. (But for some reason they are showcasing stolen designs instead of theirs)


Logos tend to look easy when they are not and the huge supply of “100 logos for $5” doesn’t help the situation. But yeah, delusion is a good word for it.

Browsing your category can be bad for your blood pressure the farther you go but on the plus side, you may catch a few duplicates of your own gig by different people here and there and deal with those.

On a semi-related note, can someone think of a clever response to finish this conversation?


I just had someone who had copied my entire gig ask me to give him work.


You win again. Oh the nerve, THE NERVE.


He copied my gig, then a month ago asked me to give him a free spell, then two days ago was back asking for work.

I’ve had others who copied my gig trying to order from me.


I’m sort of curious to ask my guy about the logistics of it. Will he give me his bank account info so I can transfer him money for working for me? How can he ensure I will do that? Is there a contract? Or will I just have to recommend him to my clients instead?

I have so many questions but I don’t want to get flagged.


I can’t begin to imagine what they think. It doesn’t make sense.

I had someone who has a new gig casting love spells tell me she wants me to cast a love spell for her. This is not uncommon. Someone else who is a competitor asked me to teach him how to do it. He has gigs for it but wants me to tell him how it’s done.

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When you hear ’Dear’ you always know there will be trouble.

I’ve always wondered about this myself. I had one a while back asking me to do this. Apparently, if I was overworked, I could order from his gig and he would send me half the money. (Pressumably, he would do this by ordering later from me.) The only problem was that his gig was priced at $50.

He was basically asking me to outsource by $15 order to him for $50. Also, while that might sound like he was just trying to scam me, I’m pretty sure he just wasn’t that clever.


When I get bored and have some free time I’m having chats (usually very short) on how they imagine that.

And my first question is “what’s the benefit for me?”
I’m going to spend my time explaining you the order, what client want, probably teach you the right way or my style, spend my time on that and at the end you will earn money instead of me?”

Some of them seriously answering that yes, that’s how it works and that we should share our clients with fellow designers who doesn’t get orders because it’s unfair that people ordering from me and not from them. And by the way it’s karma, I’m going to help them and should be happy that I helped someone in this life and that’s not everything about money :joy:


This is such a conniving scheme that I’ve lost myself in it for a sec. In the end, he gets paid 100% by you and you sort of have to wait for him to pay you back, right? :slight_smile:

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Like my old boss used to say, “… but it’ll look amazing in your portfolio in the end!”

I can’t even process that logic. But I’m glad we cleared that up.

UPDATE: Yes, basically the plan is for you to give away your orders to the guy by purchasing from him after they were purchased from you and if your buyer has any issues with the delivered product, it’s up to you to fix it or if not possible to refund the buyer. :slight_smile:

(Sorry for going off topic but it’s fascinating to me).

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“Please don’t spam”, report & block.

After a while, giggle when you see them crying on the forum that their messaging got disabled (or that they got banned) for no reason.


This is someone who has copied my gigs.

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I have had others copy my gig descriptions as well, it’s sad.

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Yes! An opportunity to scale infinitely rather than buckle down and actually do the work.

It’s really unfortunate that Fiverr doesn’t crack down on this and so unfair to buyers and sellers.