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Stolen designs on fiverr

I found a seller using my samples last month. Reported it and then the putz opened another gig after Fiverr closed that gig using another top sellers samples. Effectively all the gigs this user had were re-selling. For some unknown reason Fiverr did not shut them down. But me and the other seller teamed up and reported them. They have lost the Level 2 to nothing :smile:


Good for you! Unfortunate this buyer hasn’t been banned.


I think Fiverr is one outlet for freelance artists. That being said, I agree, it’s not “fair” that there is manipulation, lies and unethical work being sold. On the other hand, its not exclusive to Fiverr. Any marketplace, where people are selling their product, someone is going to sell a cheaper, or a ripped off version. I believe, as a new seller, the quality of work I provide will highly excel my knock off competition. I work my butt off to make sure I provide ORIGINAL, HIGH QUALITY, PROFESSIONAL VOICE OVER WORK. I don’t steel my work. In the long run I will be more successful. I am really enjoying the experience of showcasing my work and I try my best to ignore the crap that’s at at the bottom of the fish tank and just keep swimming.

Also, on one other hand, I think its a form of flattery when someone takes a look at another who is more successful and learns from what they are doing. That does not justify copy and pasting the same gig, but using someone else patterns of success is really what smart business people do. Following the leader per say? …But… there is no excuse for blatant plagiarism. What makes Unique and Professional artist stand out, I believe, is their ability to take what is already there, learn and put their own fingerprint on it.

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I don’t mind, I consider it the natural spin off of my topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But that’s right, its always finishing that way with people asking to give them orders. It’s really amazing to me that they can not see wats wrong with that logic

Yeah, It really is a shame. I just gotta trust that the old saying is true… “the cream always rises to the top!”

Someone who copies my gigs and then tells me he wants me to send him my work is so mindless it’s beyond belief.



For copied gig descriptions Fiverr could create an automated check for that, like plagiarism checkers.
They could also check the dates/times of the updates to see who created the text first.


I am not sure that will work. If you edit your gig description just a little, then date will show that you created description when you edited it.

For something like plagiarisms checked, that could work.

Maybe if gig descriptions are actually “images” that cannot be just copy paste, that could reduce copying gigs. Even they could still retype it, but at least they would need to “work” a bit then lol.

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Fiverr could keep a table with a history of what the gig description was at various dates/times (a bit like the forum has an option to view the history of edits), so if it finds something that it thinks was plagiarised it could check the gig description history to see who created it first. Or they could check online but it may not be cached online (off Fiverr).

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Yeah, that might work. But, it would probably be too much trouble to make it.

Few years back, I went to check one of my gigs and found out at least 10 copied gigs that are exactly the same, some of them even had orders completed, and many more that had copied gig description and just changed few words…

I wonder how many gigs could be removed if Fiverr checked for plagiarism…


They could just send a warning (maybe less serious than current ones) or message asking them to update the gig, and only if they didn’t after some time give a more serious warning etc. Or maybe only slowly roll out the warnings.

But, it would probably be too much trouble to make it.

I don’t think it would be too much trouble, especially if they already have the gig history info (I think they should have that because they might need it in case a seller changes their description after an order is already in the queue - ie. they’d need to know what the description said at the time the gig was purchased). They could make it only check gigs after updating the description and/or if they hadn’t already been plagiarism checked. They could also run the process at a lower priority if necessary (to avoid slowing down the system).

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I remember seeing a suggestion like this in a forum discussion group about a site glitch that a lot of participants were taking advantage of. Rather than going into their system and seeing who did what, a blanket punishment was disbursed and a lot of participants weren’t happy.

There have been countless forum posts that were discovered about artists discovering their stolen work on sites they don’t participate on and there’s this one site where this artist’s work shows up constantly and every time they file DMCAs the same user creates additional accounts to post the stolen work on; a never ending cycle.

I’m not bothered by stolen gig descriptions unless you stop by to rub it in. I had a dude contacting me to tell me he was taking mine. And to let me know he was a better person than the “other people” who’d just steal it without notice. That instance bothered me A LOT.

Then he went: “How am I supposed to write it myself?” I don’t know, help a fellow seller out, hire them to do the job. But spending money is never fun, is it.


I really likes your polite attitude. Unfortunately I lost your tips on how to improve my gig but I follow those which stored in my mind. Those tip have worth of millions. and you’ve just passed me as free, thank you, stay blessed.

Oh talking about clients a had a very ridiculous conversation today with one person:
Client: - I need a logo done and I need it before I place an order.
Me: - it will be X package, we can start working after you place an order (of course I wrote it much nicer and much longer)
C: - I’m not going to place an order because you are overpricing your service.

And at this moment I was just laughing :joy: he saw my prices but he still decided to try to get the work done for free. Ah and of course he said that he is spending 5000$+ monthly and can afford any service. But he has only 3 reviews on his profile :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:

by The way I attached here a screenshot from his profile, which made me laugh even more knowing that he tried to get work for free.

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:grin::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:what did you now do

Let’s say every account that uses stolen photos is banned from Fiverr and they implement a way to find and “kill” every gig that does that. The website gets some great reputation, but the prices rise significantly. There will be no $5 logos on the platform, so calling it Fiverr would not be true anymore :slight_smile:

I’m just starting out, created my gig yesterday and I am not sure I will ever get a buyer, considering the number of people who sell 3 logos for $5. I passed the Photoshop and Illustrator tests, I created the gig in accordance with that Freelancer Course, but I know quite a lot about algorithms and I am pretty sure I will never be as successful as they are. When you design the logo yourself, you draw it on your tablet, pick the colors, edit it, modify it, make the CMYK version, convert it to RGB as well…it’s hard work even for someone with a lot of experience. This means you will only be able to sell this to people who actually know what a logo means. But most people don’t. They get some stupid rasterized image, or if they are lucky, some non-antialiased PNG files with pixelated edges. But for them, it’s ok, because they don’t know much about it and they only paid $5.

Face it, you can’t kill 50% of the Logo gigs, basically…the most successful ones (and I’m pretty sure it applies to some other categories) for the sake of some stupid morals :slight_smile:

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There are 69k offers for “logo design” on Fiverr. This is a highly competitive category.

Your best bet is to niche down - something like "premium logo for small business/therapists/[whatever the target is] - list it in your description at the very least.

… or maybe choose a different category …