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Stolen funds / hacking / phishing


For those of you that have been victims of phishing attacks and have had your funds stolen - did you ever get these back once the hacker had withdrawn your funds to his/her paypal account, or were they lost forever?


In most cases, a lot of ‘My account was hacked’ threads are fake. It’s basically someone trying to get attention, or the person made a mistake and is trying to cover it up by saying their account got hacked.

It really doesn’t happen that often. And if it does, it’s because the person gave out their personal information. Which is against Fiverr’s TOS anyhow… and you just never should do anywhere.

Basically. Anyone that has the ability to actually hack something… won’t waste their time with a personal Fiverr account. Or a personal Pay-Pal account.

Anyone that CAN do this stuff goes after bigger things. Not little things like your (Or my) small little Fiverr account. Why would they waste their time, effort and resources for something so small?

Like I said. 99% of the ‘I got Hacked’ complaints are people who broke the rules and are trying to shift the blame away from themselves.


I have never been hacked but to awnser your question no you do not get your money. You would be the first, out of all the people I know who have had it happen to them


Reply to @bigbadbilly: What a joke of a post! I just got over a thousand dollars stolen from my Fiverr account. And just fyi I have never ever given out my information on fiverr. These scammers are ripping people off ALL THE TIME using Fiverrs inbox message system. Sorry to hear you’re so ignorant but this happens ALL THE TIME.

I just recently had $1080 stolen here on Fiverr not to mention I just got an inbox message a few minutes ago, someone is apparently trying to phish my password, see the attached file if you don’t believe me and maybe that will change your mind. Feel free to try the URL out if you still don’t believe it’s an attempt of hacking a fiverr account


@print_it - Well. Whatever you say. Not sure what that message shows. Not much. But hacking is different than you sending your info. Don’t click the link.

I’ve been on Fiverr over 2 years and have never had a message or problem like that.

And over 1000.00! You must be doing good since you just joined Fiverr under a month ago and have only sold around 130+ gigs total. (That’s pretty good by the way, but not near 1000 bucks). This includes even the gigs you no longer have up. How do I know? The world domination chart on your profile shows every gig you’ve ever completed on Fiverr. And you’re nowhere near the 1000 dollar mark.

(That’s What the World Domination chart is for everyone. It’s so even if you have a brand new gig, but have been on Fiverr for a long time with other gigs, you can see how many sales a person had.)

Anyhow. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. Maybe your the exception. But not much. Why would a person who has gained and honed their skills over years and years… hack your Fiverr account just hoping you have some money in it. For all they knew you had 4 dollars.

If you clicked on a random link and someone got your info than that’s not hacking. That’s you clicking on a link you know you probably shouldn’t. Especially those short ones.


Busted @print_it.

And thanks @bigbadbilly I was wondering just what the map was for. Now I know. Good buyer tool for people who delete poorly rated gigs. Just look at the map and you get an idea.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: Thank you for this weekends most HILARIOUS and IGNORANT comment! :smiley: How utterly pathethic. If you want to know what that message shows - then go ahead and click the link in the screencap.

Not sure how you possible can know how many sales I’ve made, but you sure don’t know your math. If I’ve sold “only around 130+ gigs total” as you claim - then how can I possible have 210 reviews and over +100 not rated gigs? Be cool, go back to school! You truly disgust and enjoy me :smiley: Please do keep on commenting, it’s a joy to wake up to your retarded comments.


Reply to @merileep: Busted for WHAT?! Another person who can’t do her math. :smiley: Oh JESUS!


@print_it - Ya. Maybe you have that many sales now (Sort of) but I made that post like 10 days ago. And even now, that’s still not 1000 bucks. If you got all those new gigs since then they’d still be clearing, not ready for withdraw.

As for how I know? Take a look at your world map. It shows exactly how many gigs you’ve completed on Fiverr since the day you joined.

(That’s what it’s for)

Every gig you’ve ever sold is shown on that map. So maybe you should:

print_it said: Be cool, go back to school!

Don't believe me? Have a look yourself.
** Scroll over your world map to see how many gigs you've sold in each territory. **
And that's what:

merileep said: Busted
means. Ranting and raving that you got scammed all that money and all anyone has to do is look at your World Map (To see your total sales) to know that's not possible.


I don’t think getting the money back will be possible. This has happened to a friend of mine, who ordered a service from one seller and gave out his personal information to the seller (though, not exactly same with his fiverr account).

So, the seller managed to hack his account with the information given to him. And within some minutes, all the money my Guy made on Fiverr was gone. He contacted fiverr team and they assisted him in restoring the account, but alas, all the money was gone already. He asked fiverr about it and they told him that there is nothing they could do about it

So, it is my advice that buyers should be be careful of giving out their account information to sellers and if they have to do, there should be enough measure to abort possible hacking.