Stolen Gig-Help!


Hello, Fiverr Community-

About two weeks ago, I made a new gig. Yesterday I discovered that three days after I made my gig, another user made the exact same one—same title, picture, description, everything—and I’m not sure what to do. I sent them a message, but if they don’t respond, what should I do about this? Thank you for your help!

-Thin Watermelon


As @kjblynx said, contact Customer Support and provide every single detail you can to show them your gig is the original one and the others copycats.

Finally remember that, for privacy reasons, you won’t be notified about actions taken on other gigs/sellers.


Same exact thing just happened to me.

Exact everything… as far as description, title, features. (except they don’t have my video or images)

I’d put the link, but that would be calling the seller out.

I don’t know if it’s really an issue, because why would anyone buy a video gig without the video?

It is disconcerting however, that unlike my own gig (I already posted about the ‘you-can’t search-for-this-gig-using-keywords-issue) YOU CAN find the copycats’ when you do a search for ‘parrot.’ Still haven’t heard anything from Fiverr customer service regarding that issue - of course, it is a holiday week. So I’m sure that will get resolved.

In the meantime, what’s the deal with the copying. Are they spammers sellers? How can they make any money if they don’t deliver a product? I don’t get it…