"Stolen" gig - where to report?


Hi, just found someone that is using the same gig description and offer the same thing as us. But clearly isn’t.

The original:


And the thief/copy

Sheriff’s note: removed link 'cause calling out other users is not allowed.

Where do I report this crook?


Reply to @mhwoolz: I would like to hear all about it too! So, I subscribed to see the news.


And why do people do this? He can’t deliver this gig, unless the sun glassed dog also is magical and can transform in to a persian cat. Even we don’t earn a lot of money doing our gigs, and we got the cat.


i love your cat. <3

thank you for this warning.

sadly, i have no idea where to report, but maybe customer support or FAQ should be able to help more?

good luck


Please contact Customer Support !


Reply to @elvisinstacute: It doesn’t matter. Just do your job well. I experienced the same issue a few days ago. Completely copy/pasted all my descriptions and gigs. And also another girl copy/pasted one of my gigs and sent it to me. What a cynicism! Ha-ha. But I decided to do all the work as best as possible! Good luck to you!


Reply to @peppermint_wish: Thanks for the kind words about Elvis, he likes flatter :slight_smile:

Once someone stole our gig-pictures, that we reported and I think Fiver did something about it. This is just… strange and maybe not worth the trouble to report (the forms to fill out looks like a visit to hell) :slight_smile:


Reply to @volodymyrpro7: Yeah, I just hope no one orders his gig and expects to see Elvis… But I would understand if he stole something he could deliver, but he can’t, cos he got no Elvis in the house :slight_smile:

I still wonder how he makes money from Fiverr?


Reply to @elvisinstacute: Maybe he doesn’t. I only earned 24$. I saw his gigs. He registered in February, 2015. I think he’s experimenting with gigs as I do now. Maybe he will delete it in a few weeks.


I also encountered with the same problem, He has even posted my blog address as his own, I reported to customer support and they said they will take an action, It’s better if you contact the copycat and ask to remove the description and complain to customer support, They take this issue seriously


I agree, I would tell Fiverr. They do take action on these. I bought your gig so I am an Elvis fan! Protect Elvis’ reputation. :slight_smile:


Don’t worry! The fiverr editors check the gigs at regular intervals it’ll take little more time for them to notice your gig, you see there are too many gigs. But, if any gig is such they spot it.

Other way is that you contact Fiverr CS about your issue and they will see that your gig is noticed by the editors.

Hope This Helps!!!


Out of curiosity, how did you find out that someone had copied your gig? Were you doing a search for something similar to yours?


Reply to @fonthaunt: Thanks for your support :slight_smile: We will try to get him to take down the offending gig. Just let’s hope no one orders his gig.


First of all you should try to write this user and ask him to desist.

Then give him 1-2 days and if nothing changes open a ticket on Customer Support site and report him: copycat gigs are usually taken down very quickly…


Reply to @mhwoolz: might have been to check out the “competition” - I’ve done this a few times and noticed at least two sellers who shamelessly copied my gig description as their own.


Reply to @mhwoolz: Hi, yeah we were checking out the competition, to get new ideas and see how we are ranking. :slight_smile: Mostly just browsing the category Advertising / Pet models and having a look around.


Reply to @volodymyrpro7: Now someone else, or the same guy has stolen even more gigs. How tiresome… Looks like he is sweeping up everything in pet models. But at least he has changed the word cat to dog now.


Reply to @elvisinstacute: Wait - is he calling Elvis a dog? Send that cat after the seller and now it will end with some scratches! :wink:


@elvisinstacute Answer: Don’t do anything. The fact that you are looking for other people who may or may not be stealing your gig only takes away from your time improving yours. Really, if I have that much time on my hands, I will come to the forum, or I will tweak my gigs. If you think that you have some exclusivity on Fiverr, or the luxury of time to chase your tail, by all means, you do that. But don’t come on here an moan about it.