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Stolen gig with stolen feature artworks

I only have one active gig at the moment and it is converting custom text into isometric artstyle.
You can check my gig here: I will convert text to isometric typography art

I don’t mind other artists doing the same thing but I found another gig doing it and using my my own artworks for this feature banner and even copied my description text with iterations: I will create a 3d isometric typography

Is there a way to report this gig for stolen content?

Update: I messaged the gig owner to delete my artworks in their feature banners but I noticed a few clients of mine (also) came through their page too because of similar orders. They removed my artworks but base on the comments here, I think it is more appropriate to report the whole gig to avoid competition.


@thecheesemaniac1 I will suggest you to add a short video to your gigs gallery, so! that can alert Fiverr by the counts of 15days that you are the legit of owner bofbyoir gig.

Or what’s did you think??

I’ve had the same thing happen to me on several occasions.

Report their gig and explain to Fiverr details about how the other Seller copied your gig.


Go to the imitator gig, click the flag, choose the “non original content” option then ‘next.’ You’ll be given two text boxes, first one to explain the infraction, second to place the link to your gig for proof. Be sure to stay professional and polite, and mention which images (specifically) were copied.


Yes, I would contact customer service if I were you

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Yup! Follow this process to report their gig.

Just noticed that there’re no watermarks on your delivered items, and the imitator did use one. I’m not sure if that will complicate things, but be sure to mention that you can provide additional proof (if you have it).

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geeeeeeze people can steal your gig?!


Over the Christmas season, I even had someone copy my entire description and my whole video. They never bothered to cover my corner logos or Fiverr URL that was displayed along the bottom of my video.

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Report them via CS.