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Stolen Promo Video for Gig


I’m here today because I’m really concerned about something. I’ve been on Fiverr about a year o so, but I started to be a seller 6 months ago. I’ve always provide the best customer service I can, and I really put the effort into the job.

I never thought this could happen at all but someone ‘stole’ my promotional video for their own gain. I’m really mad because although is not a high-production one, I still put time and effort into it. Is there a way I can report this person? Should I?

I would to hear suggestion and advice for future prevention.

Thank you very much.

Link to my promo video:

Link to the dude using my promo video: - See more at:

Absolutely report them immediately to Customer Support.

This happens all the time and needs to stop. As far as prevention, make sure all of your promos have your Fiverr username and/or link throughout. Place it so it can’t be removed.

Good luck.

Thank you very much, I will for sure.

It’s very funny. The thief has got 21 reviews within a month stealing the creativity of others. Do report him as soon as possible.

I can’t stress enough that people put watermarks on their own videos, preferably animated ones so that these scammers can’t remove them or it’s abundantly clear that they have!

  • Definitely report them as well

Thank you everyone :confused: I reported him but I’m still waiting an answer from the Fiverr team. I’m pretty sure his other gigs have promo videos from other people.

Welcome to the world of Fiverr! Where people will steal anything, just so they can resell. I bet the person is overseas as well… The usual suspects in the middle east.

On his profile it says he’s from Egypt

This post is 5 days old, so why is that thieves page still active? Shame on Fiverr for not taking care of this immediately.

Still waiting for an answer :-S

Update: They finally took care of it, and the video isn’t on his profile anymore.

Thank you everyone, I’ll definitely start using watermarks on everything though.

So glad to hear! Congrats and best of luck with your gigs :wink:

Reply to @sameerthewriter: It’s amazing how that can happen. First that the thieves can manage to get hits to their gigs when legit sellers struggle. And second, if they can’t even make their own promo videos (or whatever else they’ve stolen) how can they produce for clients, let alone do good enough work to get positive feedback?

Reply to @itsyourthing: Wondering the same thing, they obviously can’t make their own promotional videos so how on earth can they do anything else for other ppl, unless it’s him on multiple accounts purchasing his own gigs making it look like he’s doing the work, just so he can scam a few ppl here and their but the end game of that will be pretty obvious and will end up getting them banned, boggles the mind? :confused: