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---STOLEN VIDEO ---My video of MYSELF was stolen -- and another user is using it[Fragglesrock]

This is myself in the video from my own logo gig!! How do I report this and get it taken down??

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out users is not allowed here.

nope, its still there :frowning:

in fact, this person is even using my write-up and my sample logos that I created!!

You can send him a message telling him to remove it,

or you can skip that process and go straight to customer support and report him.

OR, you can try “ordering” a gig to see what he will do.

I think just reporting him to CS would be the best though.

That’s what I did when my gig got stolen!

Thanks — yeah I just reported him to Customer Support.

HI there,

Did you got a reply from fiverr customer support.They are having big queue with issues.The best way is try to coordinate with that seller who using your video.

I noticed the user account is gone.

Hmm, just getting online – let me go an check.

That would be a good thing if it were gone. :slight_smile:

nope, still there. the user is ‘fragglesrock’ when I search through the logo gigs (with video) down near the bottom - its still there. :frowning:

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out users is not allowed here.

Strange, it’s not there when I search.

‘fragglesrock’ was what the old forum system replaced any username with - there isn’t an actual user called fragglesock. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh, thanks for the information.

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This is from 2014. Please stop resurrecting old threads.