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STOLEN WORK - what to do?

So saddened! Today, as I am browsing through fellow Social Media profiles, I see that someone took my content calendar, removed my logo and are claiming it as theirs. Thoughts on any actions I could pursue? Even worth it?


You will find a flag option near Favourite button on every gig.
Simply Flag it. You can choose None original Content or Copy Rights violation.

Flag Option



I have been flagging gigs that are using images by other artists, but nothing gets done… waste of time.


You could try a take down request via DMCA but that may or may not help. Work theft is increasing and many are getting tired of going through the process. Hopefully the request will work.


You are right. Most of the time , nothing happens

Theres one seller on fiverr who can do oil paintings for $30.
She’s actually put up actual paintings by classical painters (long dead) in her portfolio lol
On top of that she has left the stock librarys watermark.

I though I had seen everything

Flagging the gig does not really work. Just write to CS, they’ll help you out.

You can report thorough Fiverr CS.